Police Department Employment

Police Department Employment

Becoming a Police Officer

The Jerseyville Police Department maintains a yearly eligibility list which is posted at Jerseyville City Hall.

In order for a candidate to be placed on the list they must complete the following:

1. Complete and return an application to City Hall.

a. Applications can be downloaded or paper copies are available at City Hall. All applicants must turn in the proper forms to the Office of the City Clerk (115 E Prairie St.; 8am-4:30pm M-F) no later than 4:30 P.M. on Thursday, May 30, 2019.

2. Participate in a physical fitness testing, which includes:

a. Sit and Reach (flexibility test)

b. Sit ups (# of reps based on age, 1 min. max time)

c. Bench press (% of body weight based on age)

d. 1.5 mile run (time based on age)

3. Complete and pass a written examination.

4. Participate in an oral interview.

Once you have passed and completed the above mentioned items you will be placed on the eligibility list according to your scores.

After being placed on the list you will remain there for two years or until hired or removed due to a background investigation.

The testing process is given and monitored by the Police and Fire Board.

Testing for the Police Department is normally the beginning of June of each year unless otherwise rescheduled.

Yearly Police Officer Eligibility Testing   

Date: Saturday, June 1st

9:00am – Physical Testing – Jersey Community High School

Written Examination immediately following at Jerseyville City Hall