Solicitor Information

Solicitor Information

A solicitor is any person who shall go in and upon private residences, business establishments or offices in the City for the purpose of soliciting orders for the purchase of any merchandise or commodity, or for the purpose of accepting contributions for any purpose for the purpose of distribution of informational literature which may eventually lead to a sale of merchandise or commodity.

Exemptions shall apply to persons represented by or representing any established merchant, business or corporation located and regularly doing business in the City, nor to farmers selling food items raised or produced by themselves, or to permanently established residents who are voters of the City.

A Solicitor must:

1. Have a background check conducted by the Jerseyville Police Department.
2. Be approved to solicit by the JPD.
3. Complete the application process.
4. Pay the appropriate fees.

The fee for a license shall be $25.00 per day, per person, in advance.

The time restrictions for soliciting are as follows:

1. 9:00am to 5:00pm any weekday or Saturday.
2. No Soliciting is allowed on Sundays or on a State or National holiday.